Sisterhood in Business

Is a nationwide network organisation of experienced women entrepreneurs who, in addition to running their own business, use their experience, network and knowledge to counsel 1 or 2 women entrepreneurs with growth ambition as a mentor. We, the founders of Sisterhood in Business (SisinBiz), believe in the power of dialogue. And especially in the powerful impact that women entrepreneurs can create for themselves and the world of commerce if among themselves they enter into the dialogue about what bothers them, binds them and inspires them. Thus making use of the power of differences and releasing hitherto unused potential. Mentors and mentees together form a learning community.

Who is SisinBiz meant for?

You are a businesswoman with a (soon to be) proven concept. You have a clear idea as to where you want to be in 2 years . Your company has a turnover potential of € 100.000 in the first year.
You are ambitious, you want to grow and you have distinct ideas about how a mentor could help you. And you are willing to contribute to the Sisterhood in Business range of thoughts and ideas.
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Sisterhood in Business

It is our experience that organizing female mentorship on the basis of the pay it forward principle has a forceful impact on boosting growth ambitions of businesswomen. By applying the mentor programme to achieving results the mentee can make her company grow (strongly).
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Sisterhood in leadership

This is about what leadership and mentorship can mean for you, your team and your organization. It is about releasing unused potential so that women challenge, support and inspire one another and thus bring out the best in themselves and each other. This creates additional value for the enterprise you lead or in which you are pursuing a career.
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What is a Mentorship?

Many women entrepreneurs are innovative, ambitious and want to grow. Monitoring by experienced businesswomen is a powerful instrument to speed up the professional and business growth ambitions of women. They, more than anybody, know the chances and challenges of entrepreneurship.
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11 oktober: Sisterhood live event 2016 “How to improve your (digital) impact?”

Wanneer: Dinsdag 11 oktober as. van 13.00-18.30 uur Waar: Het Atelier van Monique Collignon te Amsterdam Paasheuvelweg 8 1105 BH Amsterdam (P gratis) How to improve your (digital) impact? Onze keynote speaker is toponderneemster Janneke Niessen, co-founder en Chief Innovation Officer van Improve Digital, over het thema How to improve your (digital) impact? In haar werk en...
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Pay it forward

missie Coaching by mentors is not free of obligations but it is affordable. Besides an amount to be paid at the start of the programme a fee will be paid afterwards over the value actually created. Mentor and mentee clearly define the possible results before they start. Which makes it always a custom made programme.

Our ambition

visie Is to make a meaningful contribution to the success of talented women entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. We believe that entrepreneurs can inspire each other if they enter into the dialogue about what bothers, binds and inspires them. Those who challenge, inspire and support bring out the best in themselves and others.